How does the Academy compare to a typical Baltimore County School?

St. Stephens Christian Academy is committed to providing a learning environment that differs from the traditional school setting.

Many of these factors have a tremendous influence on the academic growth and social development of your child.

  • Small Class Size Avg
    Teacher/Student Ratio
  • Strong emphasis on
    Christian principles
  • Small Personalized
  • Certified teachers

Parent Teacher Coalition

Active Parent Teacher Coalition
allow for parents to play an integral part in supporting the Academy.
• Bi-Annual Standardized Testing: High nationally ranked scores
• Small, personalized, nurturing
school setting.
• Laptop accessibility for in-class
• Computer Lab access with educational software used to supplement instruction.


St Stephens Christian Academy


The beginning

St Stephens Christian Academy was established in 2004 when Pastor William A. Gray III asked Mrs. Lucille Jennings, a former school principal, to help implement a Christian based early education school. Pastor Gray wanted a school that would help reduce academic failure in students. Mrs. Jennings studied many programs resulting in a curriculum respected by parents and educators for its ability to produce successful students. Mrs. Jennings agreed to serve gratis as the administrator. When the academy first opened, our kindergarten enrollment was 6. As the years have progressed the enrollment has increased resulting in the additions of 3 additional grades. We now serve Pre-K2+ through the the third grade.



Educational Objectives

Motivation to be academic as well as spiritual leaders. 

Educational experiences that will help them become problem solvers, decision-makers, and effective communicators


  • St. Stephens Academy has been operating for over 25 years
  • Kindergarten eligible by December 31st
  • Hours of operation:     8:30 am to 3:00 pm
  • Certified teachers
  • Best Tuition Rates in the area! Vouchers accepted!
  • A ministry of St Stephens A.M.E. Church – Essex, Md.
  • Serving Kindergarten thru 3rd grade
We also offer:



  • “I love the Academy because of the small
    class setting. I know that my child will
    receive support from the teacher and not
    fall through the cracks.”
  •  “I enjoy sending my child to the Academy
    because they believe in providing
    a strong, well-rounded education while
    learning some important things about the
  • “I know that my child will get the attention
    that is needed to excel.
  • “I enjoy knowing that the classes are student-
  • “The school provides many opportunities
    for parents to become involved. The
    school events that we are invited to are

4 easy Steps to Enrollment


Step 1: Call 443-772-3447 and make an appointment
Step 2: Come in for a scheduled tour
Step 3: complete the application packet 
Step 4: Return packet and enroll your child



Students are kindergarten eligible by Dec 31st